Theft Defense

If you are facing a charge of theft and want to know what you can do to defend and protect your rights, call me now for a free criminal defense legal consultation. I’ll explain the charges, likely penalties, and review your criminal theft charges to see what your options might be for fighting the allegations if that’s the smart move. There’s no charge for my initial advice, so you have nothing to lose. Call me now to talk about the case over the phone or to set up a meeting.

The crime of Theft in can be considered a misdemeanor or a felony depending on the value of the item they say you stole, and has similar penalties to retail theft/shoplifting.

Property and Theft Crime Defense Lawyers

Property and theft crimes can carry severe penalties ranging from prison sentences to extensive fines. If you have been charged or anticipate that you may be charged with a property or theft crime, you need a theft attorney who will provide you with an aggressive and effective defense. As a theft crimes defense attorney, I will investigate the facts of your case and work to ensure the best possible results in your criminal defense.

As your theft defense lawyer, I will aggressively defend all property and theft crimes cases and will work to get the best possible results in your case.

I am prepared to take every case to trial and make the most compelling defense possible on your behalf. Whether you were caught shoplifting or are facing grand theft auto charges, I will ensure that you get the strong defense you need.

My experience as a criminal defense lawyer, has taught me to be sensitive to the facts involved in theft and property crimes cases, always keeping in mind that every client is unique. I will work to get your charges dropped, your sentence minimized, and fines reduced. I always tailor the direction of your theft defense to the goals of my clients and will provide you with the information you need to make all decisions regarding your case.