Sex Crime Defense

I’m a sex crime lawyer that is aggressive, confidential and experienced defending the rights of individuals facing charges or allegations involving Child Sex Crimes. I provide aggressive representation to protect my client’s rights and their futures. Contact me, a sex crime attorney and child pornography lawyer for a Free Consultation. With 35 years of successful sex crime defense in I have the trial experience and negotiation skills to effectively represent my clients, regardless of the charges.  I am a Nationally recognized preeminent sex crime defense attorney!

I do my best work when I  get involved in the case right away to ensure that my client’s rights are fully protected and to start preparing for trial. I have private investigator thoroughly investigate the incident and the parties involved. As your sex crime attorney, I work hard to uncover any evidence that contradicts statements made to the police, contradicts evidence against you or challenges the credibility of the alleged victim or other prosecution witnesses.

I handle all types of sex crimes and defend cases from teachers accused of sexual contact with a student to adults charged with molesting a child. As a sex crime lawyer with 35 years fighting  child sex crime and child pornography charges, my defense practice includes:

  • Child Molestation
  • Rape and Sex Offences
  • Indecent Exposure or Public Lewdness
  • Allegations of Sexual Assault
  • Child Pornography Defense.
  • Assault Of A Child

The Criminal Justice System is Overwhelmed

The Criminal Justice System is overwhelmed with people who are falsely accused of sex offenses. Many of these people would not be in jail today if they had not spoken to the Police or Child Protective Services. As a sex crime defense lawyer, I always advise my clients not to discuss the facts of their case with anyone and to never talk with the Police or Child Protective Services without me, an experienced sex crimes attorney present.

Best Defense to Child Pornography

To be guilty of a child pornography charge, the prosecution must prove that you acted knowingly or intentionally during the commission of the offense. Many cases rest on motives that are far from certain. When people never intentionally posses child pornography or even knew it was on their computer, there is no basis for a criminal conviction. Some cases rest on evidence obtained from a computer that other individuals besides you have access to. As a sex crime attorney I know how to find holes in the D.A.’s allegation is against you.

With over 35 years of successful sex crime defense  & being Nationally recognized as a preeminent sex crime lawyer, I have the skills and experience to provide an effective defense against serious child pornography charges, child molestation, indecent exposure or any other crime involving sexual acts. As your criminal attorney, I will be ready to defend you from negotiations with the District Attorney through a jury trial. My sex crimes and child pornography practice includes defending people accused of:

  • Possession of Child Pornography
  • Promotion of Child Pornography
  • Sexual Performance by a Child
  • Sale, Distribution or Display of a harmful material to a minor
  • State and Federal Child Pornography Offenses

Negotiating A Positive Outcome

For many people thinking about criminal cases, the first thing that comes to mind is a courtroom and a sex crime lawyer arguing a case before a jury. The fact is that the majority of criminal matters never reach trial, but instead are resolved through negotiations with the District Attorney.

During my 35 years of successful sex crime defense, i have handled countless criminal law negotiations with District Attorneys throughout South Central . From my office in , I will gladly sit down and confidentially discuss the criminal matter with you. I will determine the facts of the case and the best approach to convince the District Attorney. to resolve your case before going to trial. To learn more about your legal options, Contact me for a Free Consultation.

Besides being relatively expensive, a criminal trial carries with it little or no guarantee of a favorable outcome. It is nearly impossible to predict how a judge or jury will rule on any given matter. That is why negotiations with a District Attorney may be your best way to resolve these sex crime allegations.

What is the best way of getting a good plea bargain?

Many sex crime attorneys claim that they have experience in resolving sexual criminal matters favorably. The truth of the matter is that the best way to obtain a favorable plea bargain is to put forward a good offense. This means being prepared to go to trial before bargaining with the District Attorney. If he or she knows that you are willing to take this matter before a judge or jury, he or she may be more willing to bargain with you.

Another way to improve your chances during sexual allegation negotiations is to hire a sex crime attorney who has a track record of winning cases.  With over 35 years of successful sex crime trial experience, handling hundreds of criminal cases and civil matters throughout . When I sit down with a prosecutor, I will use my reputation as a bargaining chip for you.  When the prosecutor discovers you have retained my services they know that you are ready & prepared to fight.  When I step in front of a Judge or negotiate with a District Attorney my reputation as a preeminent sex crime attorney means that I will not be bullied by the State & your rights will be respected & protected.


Allegations of sexual conduct between an educator and a student at a primary or secondary school in are serious. Not only can the reputation of an educator be irreparably tarnished, but more importantly, he or she may also face harsh penalties if convicted of a felony sex crime. I kept countless cases from ever being filed through negotiations with the D.A., but the simple truth is that most of these cases are kept very low profile on purpose.  My client’s future and ability to provide for that future is my main concern.

As a preeminent sex crime lawyer, I represent educators facing sex crime charges involving students. I provide confidential and aggressive legal representation to any educator who must defend himself or herself against these devastating criminal allegations. To Schedule your Free Consultation with me, an experienced teacher sex crime attorney call me at (888)232-7313.

The State of takes a hard line approach when it comes to dealing with educators accused of having sexual contact with students. It is illegal for any employee of a primary or secondary school in to have sexual contact, sexual intercourse or deviate sexual intercourse with anyone enrolled in any primary or secondary public or private school in . It is also illegal to communicate intentionally in a sexually explicit manner with a student or to distribute sexually explicit material to a student over the Internet or via text messaging.

Regardless of the age of the student, educators will face felony charges for engaging in this type of sexual conduct. Courts have held that even if the student is above the age of consent, it is still illegal for an educator to have sexual contact with a student, unless the two are married.

Protect Your Freedom. Contact Me Now!

I put my 35 years of successful sex crime defense in to work in order to investigate the facts of your case right away; the sooner I can examine the facts in your case, the better. As a teacher sex crime defense attorney, I will work to gather evidence and create the best possible defense against these potentially damaging sexual allegations.

I offer a free initial consultation and confidential case analysis so that you may consult with a criminal defense lawyer, one that understands your rights and can determine the best action to take immediately.