Practice Areas

Theft & Burglary Charges

Property and theft crimes in can carry severe penalties ranging from prison sentences to extensive fines. If you have been charged or anticipate that you may be charged with a property or theft crime, you need a criminal defense attorney who will provide you with an aggressive and effective criminal defense. As a theft defense attorney, I will investigate the facts of your case and work to ensure the best possible results in your criminal defense. Learn More

Manslaughter & Murder Defense

Murder and manslaughter prosecutions are often covered by local and national media. An effectivecriminal defense strategy often includes a consideration of how the case plays on television and in the newspapers. In these high-profile cases, it is in your best interest to consult a respected criminal defense lawyer with exceptional media skills & resources to counter the states resources. Articles

Assault & Battery Defense

There are significant consequences for a violent crime conviction in . From assault and battery todomestic violence, you want a criminal lawyer who will make sure you get the chance to tell your side of the story and protect your rights aggressively. As a criminal lawyer, I believe that practicing law means finding creative solutions for my clients, helping them move on with the least damage possible. Learn More

Auto Theft Defense

As a criminal attorney, I have successfully defended hundreds of clients in and have earned an excellent reputation over the years as a Nationally recognized criminal defense attorney. As a attorney, I prepare each case as if it were to go to trial, so I will formulate a strong and compelling defense on your behalf. I also have experience negotiating with prosecutors resulting in minimal criminal charges, and in some cases even a complete case dismissal.

Arson Defense

Under the criminal law of most states, arson is committed when a person intentionally burns almost any kind of structure or building, not just a house or business. Many states recognize differing degrees of arson, based on such factors as whether the building was occupied and whether insurance fraud was intended

Sex Crime Defense

We provide aggressive, confidential and experienced representation to individuals facing charges or allegations involving Child Sex Crimes. As a sex crime attorney, I provide aggressive representation to protect my client’s rights and their futures. Contact me, a nationally recognized preeminent sex crime defense attorney for a Free Consultation. As a criminal lawyer I have the trial experience and negotiation skills to effectively represent my clients, regardless of the charges.

Probation & Parole Violations

If you have been arrested or there is a warrant issued for your arrest for an alleged probation, parole or community supervision violation, it is crucial that you hire an experienced motion to revoke defense attorney to represent you . I have literally defended hundreds of blue warrants (mtr) throughout for 35 years.

Parole Package

To improve chances of release when your sentence or the sentence of a family member is up for review before the Board of Pardons and Paroles, you should hire an experienced parole attorney to represent you. While there is no requirement that you have a lawyer represent you before the board, statistics show that chances improve when you hire a parole attorney. You need a successful parole lawyer to create a convincing parole package to present to the members of the board.

Intoxication Manslaughter Defense

The truth is that if you are guilty of Intoxication Manslaughter or Vehicular Manslaughter you will face jail time. In these cases you need to hire a attorney with expertise in accident reconstruction and Intoxication defense along with success across . By presenting a proactive aggressive defense you may be able to win your case and the punishment that comes with a conviction like Vehicular Manslaughter or Intoxication Manslaughter.

The situation where I work best though is for first time offenders. They can ensure that the fines and/or jail time will be as minimal as possible. Think of them as your get out of jail free card, that you can only use once. The more serious the offense or the more convictions you have the less leeway a criminal lawyer will have with your case.

Thus, if you have been charged with a criminal offense you need a criminal lawyer on your case. Just remember that they are not miracle workers. They have to work with the particularities of your case and history.

Juvenile Defense

When your child has been accused of a crime, whether a felony or misdemeanor, you may feel like your world is about to end. As a parent, I understand what you’re going through. The system is confusing and attempts to shuffle juvenile cases through the system as quick as possible. You feel like your child has no constitutional rights and that the world is against your family Your first call should be to an experienced juvenile lawyer who will work to defend your Childs rights. juvenile criminal law can be very complex, but I want to help. If your child has been arrested & facing felony or misdemeanor charges contact me immediately.

Free Consultation & Case Analysis

As a criminal attorney, I am known for my vigorous defense of citizens accused of crimes. I will defend accusations made against you and in many cases resolve the issue without going to court. If you are facing a Grand Jury indictment, perjury charges or accusations of misconduct contact me immediately. When an opposing law firm or District Attorney discovers that you have retained me, they know that you are prepared to fight for your freedom and rights. If you value your freedom and you want to fight to protect your record, call me today for a free consultation and case analysis.

Remember: Early intervention in your case is often the key to success. I therefore represent clients at the pre-indictment as well as post-indictment stages.

I strongly advise my clients not to discuss their case with anyone, especially the Police or Child Protective Services. These agencies do not want to help you!