Murder Defense

Taking Your Side Against Murder Charges

If you’ve been accused of a murder, you likely face a good deal of uncertainty about what will happen to you. Some violent crime charges carry very long prison sentences, and all of them carry social stigmas that can affect future job prospects.

Now is the time to talk to a skilled, experienced murder defense lawyer who will do whatever is necessary to ensure that your rights are protected and your case is handled fairly.

The Right Attitude Toward a Serious Situation

Over the course of my 35 years as a murder defense lawyer in , I have had extensive experience with assault, battery, aggravated assault, aggravated robbery, manslaughter, homicide and murder defense. I understand how to approach these serious cases and serious penalties.

If you have been arrested or are being investigated for a violent crime, do not talk to the police without consulting a criminal lawyer. Your criminal defense can be compromised by anything you say to the police.

Some criminal attorneys do not regularly handle violent criminal cases. Some criminal lawyers do not want to work with a person who has been accused of a violent crime. I believe that everyone has a right to a properly prepared and argued criminal defense, and I am here as your advocate. Contact me to discuss how I can help you deal with violent crime charges.

I strongly advise my clients not to discuss their case with anyone, especially the Police or Child Protective Services. These agencies do not want to help you!

They want to convict and imprison you! Call Me 24 Hr

Remember: Early intervention in your case is often the key to success. I therefore represent clients at the pre-indictment as well as post-indictment stages.