Juvenile Defense

Perhaps the worst thing that can happen to a parent is to have his or her child accused of a serious crime, particular a crime that will impact his or her freedom. When your child’s future is at stake you need a proven winner in your corner. Our law firm defends juveniles accused of a wide range of juvenile offenses, including: Theft of Service defense, Burglary defense, Auto Theft defense, Possession of Marijuana defense, Possession of Cocaine defense, Motion to Revoke defense, minor in consumption defense, minor in possession defense, vandalism defense, property damage, breaking and entering, public intoxication defense, juvenile manslaughter defense, Probation Violation, Felony Criminal Defense and Misdemeanor Criminal Defense.

As your son or daughter’s criminal attorney, I will us my 35 years of experience and expertise to put forward the best Juvenile Defense possible.

If your Juvenile is charged with a sex crime, you need to get an experienced juvenile sex crime defense attorney immediately. As a preeminent sex crime defense, I know that If your child is convicted it’s possible that children convicted of sex related crimes will be transferred from juvenile prison to the adult prison system.   Put my reputation as a Nationally recognized sex crimes defense attorney & my 35 years of successful juvenile defense to work for you.  I will fight to defend your child’s freedom and future.

If your child has been charged with a criminal offense contact my office immediately!

Protect their record, their reputation and their future

If your child is facing criminal charges for a juvenile offense, time is of the essence. As a juvenile defense lawyer, I prefer to get involved in the case as early as possible. As a result, I am often able to obtain pretrial diversion, where there is no trial or a finding of delinquent conduct. Under this diversion program, your child would be subject to six months of probation. If the probation period is completed without further incidents, charges are not even placed on the criminal record.

While a few children are eligible for a court-appointed lawyer, do you want the fate of your child’s representation to rest on random chance in the appointment of counsel? I have decades of experience and have the knowledge, determination and commitment to protect your child and shield his or her future.

The smartest thing that you can do if accused of domestic violence is to speak to a criminal defense lawyer immediately. My best work is accomplished when I get an early start on any investigation. The ability to gather evidence and testimony early on in the case is often a key to obtaining a dismissal, reduced charge or favorable sentence.