Felony Defense

After being accused of a felony, most people focus on only one thing: avoiding jail time. Often, it takes a special San Antonio felony defense lawyer to take jail off the table, whether it be through a settlement or through litigation. It takes a knowledgeable felony lawyer who knows the finer points of Felony laws, a felony attorney who works aggressively and passionately on behalf of every client.

I’ve been practicing criminal defense for over 35 years & I’m the defense attorney you need!

Just a few of the practice areas my law office covers are:

  • Illegal Drug Crimes, including possession or sale of crystal meth, meth labs, heroin, marijuana, crack cocaine, and other narcotics.
  • Sex Offenses, including date rape, child molestation, possession of child pornography, and other sexual offenses.
  • Assault and Battery, including domestic violence & terrorist threats.
  • Murder, including various levels of homicide and vehicular manslaughter;
  • Robbery, larceny, carjacking, and kidnapping.
  • Many other Felonies, including gun violations, juvenile crimes, perjury, and more.

Even if you or your loved one has already confessed to one of these crimes, the process of plea bargaining shouldn’t be left to just any criminal defense attorney. I have 35 years of private criminal defense experience and decades of successful Criminal Trial experience. This is evident every time I step into a courtroom. The people in the legal system know and respect me, and when I talk, they listen.

Those who work with me, know how much I care for my clients. Many people come to my office and complain about other felony defense lawyers demanding thousands of dollars before even looking at their case, and then not even returning their calls. I don’t work that way: I insists on getting to know all about each client personally and always keeping in close communication, to provide both for legal advice and moral support.

If you or your loved one is in serious trouble, don’t hesitate to Contact me. For anything from murder to illegal drug possession, felony defense attorneys in San Antonio Texas don’t get better than me.