DWI Defense

As a DWI Defense attorney, I am recognized as one of the leaders in the defense of drunk driving charges in . As a DWI lawyer, I defend those charged with DWI, Intoxication Manslaughter, Assault & Battery, MIP or Minor Consumption of Alcohol & all other criminal charges including public intoxication & Intoxication assault.

Face it. There is no way you will win a grueling DWI battle in court unless you have the right  DWI lawyer on your side: Someone who understands what you are going through. If Convicted of A DWI in you will face:.

  • Court Ordered Drug and Alcohol Counseling.
  • Jail or Prison Time.
  • Probation.
  • Installation of an Ignition Interlock Device on Your Vehicle.
  • Injury Damages to Third Parties.
  • Civil Fines For Court Costs.
  • A Permanent Arrest & Conviction Mark On Your Record

Legal Issues Related to DWI Defenses

When it comes to the legal issues associated with a DWI in there is a great deal involved regarding these legalities and a good DWI attorney is aware of things pertaining to search and seizure, due process, illegal interrogation, denial of legal counsel and evidentiary issues. In addition, drunk driving lawyers have an understanding of breath test equipment and testing for intoxicants. In the areas of DWI, to assist you effectively, a qualified DWI lawyer must have great insight into various aspects of DWI law as well as knowledge regarding biology, chemistry, physiology and toxicology. In 35 years as a attorney, I have successfully represented hundreds of DWI clients.

After your DWI arrest in ,  As your DWI attorney, I will handle your DMV hearing and will contest suspension of your driver’s license. In addition, I also make sure the police had probable cause to stop you, otherwise your arrest could be considered unlawful. In addition, a qualified phlebotomist must properly administer chemical tests. Furthermore, your (BAC) Blood Alcohol Count had to be .08% or above at the time of the arrest. As part of your DWI defense, I will also cross-examine the arresting officer and review and analyze all reports involved in your case. If even one element related to your case is not established, I will make sure your license suspension is overturned.

Many drunk driving defense attorneys represent clients accused of DWI in . Because of the challenges one faces when charged with a DWI, it’s critically important to speak with a reputable DWI attorney, one that understands your needs and can provide the expertise so vital to such an emotionally charged situation. Regardless as to whether you have been charged with a fatal or non-fatal accident or been charged with driving while intoxicated, it’s imperative that you speak to me, a DWI attorney before you say or do anything. You should know where you stand and what options are available to you and as your dwi attorney, I will explain all the specifics that can keep you from making additional mistakes

How A DWI in Should Be Handled

I listen very closely to the details of your situation, what led up to it and the results of your DWI arrest. I make sure to ask plenty of relevant questions in an effort to gain insight into all the details. Choosing the right DWI lawyer to defend you during a drunk driving case is critically important to your case. Having a qualified DWI lawyer in your corner means having a dedicated drunk driving defense attorney who really understands the ins and outs involving DWI defense.

Driving While Intoxicated in

Did you know that alcohol-related automobile accidents kill someone every 31 minutes while non-fatal injuries occur every two minutes? Statistics demonstrate that every year, alcohol related crashes cost about $51 billion in the US alone. Today, 20 out of the 50 states revoke a person’s license for one year if they have been involved in a second DWI. Whether you have been arrested for driving while intoxicated, operating a vehicle under the influence, driving while your abilities have been impaired or any other type of alcohol or drug related reckless driving, you are considered (DUI) or (DWI). With that violation on your record, you are faced with tremendous costs and penalties. If you have been arrested and are in need of a DWI lawyer, before taking any steps, contact me to speak with a DWI Lawyer and let me assist you with your DWI Defense.

My clients hire me to review all the available evidence to determine their criminal defense. My goal is to make sure my clients get the full and equal protection afforded them under the laws, and to make sure if convicted, the conviction will have the least amount of impact on their lives and future interests.

As a DWI defense attorney, I practice throughout the State of , and I enjoy an excellent reputation for my honesty and integrity. I am comfortable in any courtroom in the state, and my knowledge and professionalism have earned the respect of judges, prosecutors and policemen.