Criminal Defense

If you have been accused of or arrested for a Criminal offense in , let me stand by you throughout the criminal process. I am prepared to fight for you every step of the way, As your criminal lawyer, I will not rest until you receive an outcome that is to your satisfaction and in your best interests.

I would like to help you fight your criminal charges. Please call me so that I may do that. It is what I do – day in and day out, every day, every year. I have been enjoying success for over 35 years in the & Federal courts throughout . From my criminal office, I am passionate about my work and will be doing it for years to come.

I have successfully defended hundreds of people who are in a similar situation as yours, I can successfully fight the charges against you. I have had great results, with many people having their criminal cases dismissed, reduced to a lesser charge, or found not guilty after a trial.

I understand after an arrest in , many people have feelings of despair, hopelessness, and even anger. I am here to tell you that there is hope that your charge will be successfully resolved and even more importantly, that you will make it through this period.

Misdemeanor Criminal Offenses

Under Misdemeanor law, a criminal offense is categorized as either a misdemeanor or felony. But that is only the beginning. While sub-classifications of misdemeanor charges are fairly simple, determining the possible penalties you could face if convicted of a misdemeanor charge gets extremely complicated.

Felony Defense & Case Prep era ti on

Felony law is a unique area of the law. As a criminal lawyer, I am adept at exploiting weaknesses in prosecutors’ cases, including issues of junk science, credibility, bias, investigation errors and unlawful procedure. I stay up-to-date and familiar with all relevant case law. When clients’ rights have been violated, as a felony lawyer, I passionately argue all necessary and applicable pretrial motions to suppress evidence and dismiss charges. I personally write all my own motions and argue all matters in court. As a criminal attorney, I prepare all cases as if each case is going to trial. Every case is given the same level of dedication.

Violent Crimes

If you’ve been arrested for a violent crime in the area, contact a criminal defense lawyer in . My experience with the development and presentation of the defendant’s case in many criminal prosecutions can be a major advantage for you in plea negotiations or at trial.

Violent crimes include:

  • Assault and battery, aggravated assault, or attempted murder
  • Aggravated battery with a deadly weapon
  • Sexual assault and other sex crimes
  • Vehicular homicide or involuntary manslaughter
  • Domestic violence or violation of an order for protection
  • Weapons offenses, including state charges of unlawful possession of a gun or federal felon with a firearm charges
  • Armed robbery or carjacking
  • Home invasion
  • Terroristic Threats

Grand Jury Defense

Unlike state criminal prosecutions that usually begin with an “on the spot” arrest by local law enforcement, federal crimes – especially the major ones involving drug trafficking conspiracies or large-scale fraud – are normally charged by indictment. That means that over a period of weeks, months, or even years Federal agents have been investigating an alleged criminal conspiracy and collecting volumes of evidence against those involved. Only when the case appears to be “air-tight” will an assistant U.S. Attorney working out of the United States Attorney’s Office presents evidence to a group of people who are gathered to decide whether you should be charged with a crime. If they decide you should be charged – based entirely on evidence submitted by the government – their decision is drafted into a formal indictment.

Murder Defense

If you or a loved one has been charged with murder or criminal homicide, you should know that:

  • Capital punishment or the death penalty results in sanctioned killing by the government
  • Murder defense, or working to save the life of someone charged with murder or homicide, demands the highest possible level of legal skill, experience and dedication
  • Defense lawyers who handle capital cases are held to the very highest standards in the profession
  • The outcome of murder or homicide cases can depend on the result of exhaustive document review and may involve the finest hair-splitting of legal procedure

If you or a loved one has been charged with murder of homicide, you need a murder defense lawyer who is experienced in handling murder defense cases. Experience can be a major advantage in plea negotiations or at trial. You need a criminal attorney who will fight aggressively to see that your rights are protected and the integrity of the justice system is upheld.

If you need a criminal lawyer who will give you the one-on-one attention, if you do not want to entrust your future and your life to overburdened and underfunded appointed counsel, I am here for you. I will absolutely invest the time and effort necessary to examine every piece of evidence and hold the prosecution to the highest standard of law.

Sex Crimes Defense

In the majority of criminal cases, people are willing to accept the premise of innocent until proven guilty. With sex crimes, however, mere allegations of sexual abuse or rape can convict accused persons in the court of public opinion long before they ever get their day in a court of law.

As part of my overall criminal defense practice, I concentrate on representing people in the area, and throughout the state of , who have been accused of sex crimes.

Probation Violation Defense

Probation, parole, and diversion violations can have serious consequences for your record and can set you back in moving forward after a criminal conviction. Violations can affect your insurance, your ability to drive, or could put you in jail. If you were accused of violating your probation or parole, you need a criminal attorney who can protect your rights. I can help you mitigate the penalties associated with a violation. I will make sure that your rights are protected and that you can get back on track.

Parole violations Defense

Violating conditions of parole or probation could result in serious consequences. Probation was likely ordered in exchange for a suspended sentence. If you are found to be in violation of the conditions of your probation, you could face the original sentence (e.g. jail time) with additional time tacked on for the violation itself. Parole offers opportunity for individuals in confinement to ease back into the community on early release due to good behavior. However, if you are found to be in violation of parole, you may be sent back to prison for the full amount remaining in your sentence.
Therefore, if you are facing a probation or parole violation hearing, it is critical that you take the matter seriously. Having a skilled criminal attorney in your corner can make a dramatic difference in the outcome of the hearing. Rather than you having a sentence reinstated and being returned to confinement, I may be capable of getting the violation allegation dropped or negotiating an alternative penalty, such as house arrest, community service or a work release program.

DWI Defense

Drunk driving in is a serious criminal offense — especially when you have prior DWI convictions on your record. Although you may have been through criminal justice procedures for your prior drunk driving offenses, this time you are facing felony charges with the potential for real jail time, license revocation and fines. Going further without an experienced DWI lawyer can jeopardize your future

Parole Package

To improve chances of release when your sentence or the sentence of a family member is up for review before the Board of Pardons and Paroles, you should hire an experienced criminal attorney to represent you. While there is no requirement that you have a criminal lawyer represent you before the board, statistics show that chances improve when you hire Parole Board Representation. You need a revocation hearing lawyer to create a convincing parole package to present to the members of the board.