Auto Theft Defense

An automobile is stolen every 26 seconds in the United States, and plenty of those thefts happen. In fact, Western states have seen an increase in auto theft cases in recent years

Port and border cities experience higher rates of theft – Data from the National Insurance Crime Bureau shows that 40 percent of all auto thefts (450,000 yearly) occur in or around ports and border communities. More than 200,000 vehicles are exported illegally from the United States every year according to the FBI. The city experienced almost 10,000 auto thefts last year.

“More and more vehicles are being targeted for export by thieves who sneak them out through ports and across borders,” said Robert Bryant, president and chief executive officer of NICB, the insurance industry’s theft and fraud-fighting organization. “People who live in these areas should take special care to protect their cars and trucks from thieves.”

US and Canadian government agencies, and private insurers impacted by increases in the export of stolen vehicles, have created the North American Export Committee to combat the growing problem. The NAEC promotes the use of task forces, electronic data reporting and non-intrusive x-ray scanning machines to locate suspect containers before they go to sea. In its first three months of use at the port of Miami, a NAEC-supplied x-ray machine scanned 8,000 containers and paid for itself by recovering $217,000 in stolen vehicles.

Carjacking is a form of hijacking, where the crime is of stealing a motor vehicle and so also armed assault when the vehicle is occupied. Historically, such as in the rash of semi-trailer truck hijackings during the 1960s, the general term hijacking was used for that type of vehicle abduction, which did not often include kidnapping of the driver, and concentrated on the theft of the load, rather than the vehicle itself. During the later day car theft crime, typically, the carjacker is armed, and the driver is forced out of the car with the threat of bodily injury. In other rarer cases, the driver is kidnapped under the assault by a weapon and is retained as a passenger under duress, or made to drive his or her abductor. Women are particularly victimized in this latter method.

In the United States, a law was passed in 1992 making carjacking a federal crime. This occurred amidst great media attention into the apparent spate of carjacking thefts, several of which resulted in homicides. In November 29, 1992, killing of two men by carjackers using a stolen 9mm pistol resulted in the first Federal prosecution of a fatal carjacking.

The United States Department of Justice estimates that in about half of all carjacking attempts, the attacker succeeds in stealing the victim’s car. It’s estimated that, between 1987 and 1992, about 35,000 carjacking attempts took place per year; and, between 1992 and 1996, about 49,000 attempts took place per year.

Auto Theft crimes are considered a serious offense. Depending on the level of the crime and your criminal history, you may be charged with a misdemeanor or a felony. If convicted, you may face a jail or prison sentence, pay monetary fines, and/or complete community service or probation. In addition, your chances of employment, credit, or housing opportunities may be damaged. If you were arrested and charged with an auto theft related crime, you will need to contact an experienced criminal attorney to protect your rights.

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