Facing any legal matter is tough, whether it involves a simple misdemeanor charge or a serious allegation of sexual abuse. You have to hold your ground against opposition that will put forth a great deal of effort and resources to see that they come out on the winning end. You do not have to face them alone! They do not have to win!

Fighting to Protect Your Freedom and Your Good Name

As a lawyer, I have more than 35 years of experience. I am a seasoned criminal defense attorney, that is willing to work hard to see that you get the results you deserve. As your criminal attorney, I am available to help people. Let me fight to protect your freedom and your good name.

I believe in being realistic and down-to-earth. Not only do I take the time to talk to my clients, I take the time to do it right. I know that speaking in legal terms does not help anyone come to an understanding about the situation they are in. I also know that setting unrealistic expectations is not fair. You deserve realistic communication.

I am here when you need me. When you have questions, I will answer them. When you have concerns, I will address them. I will keep you updated on the status of your case. This is your case. You deserve to know what is going on.

Whether you are facing drug charges or you are facing false allegations, I am here for you.

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Successful and effective criminal defense

I am a successful and effective criminal defense attorney that is nationally recognized as a preeminent criminal attorney, with over 35 years of criminal law experience ranging from sex crimes, DWI defense, white collar crimes, violent crimes and parole issues. I have represented clients in hundreds of cases that alleged violations of criminal law and the Federal laws Since 1975, I am an expert at solving my clients’ legal problems!

If you or a family member has been detained, or a family member is charged with any crime, contact me as soon as possible in order to preserve all of your legal options. There are no charges for the initial consultation, which will be handled with sensitivity and discretion from my office.